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This book is a production of Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Narrated by Katy Ackerson. Original work used by permission and through the Fair Use Guidelines of the US Code. This read-aloud is intended for the exclusive use of the students of the Bellingham School District.

Author Renee Watson will be visiting Sunnyland on Nov. 23 from 3-4:30 during an all school talent show and author event. Contact Mrs. Ackerson for more information!

Want to get ahold of Renee Watson’s books? If you purchase from Village books, your book will include a signed nameplate! This event is sponsored by Village Books. You can place an order here and your books can be delivered directly to Sunnyland for no extra charge.

Chapters 1-2

Chapters 3-4

Chapter 5

Chapters 6-7

Chapters 8-9

Chapters 10-11

Chapters 12-13

Chapters 14-15

Chapters 16-17

Chapters 18-19

Chapters 20-21

Chapters 22-23