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This book is a production of Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Narrated by Katy Ackerson. Original work used by permission and through the Fair Use Guidelines of the US Code. This read-aloud is intended for the exclusive use of the students of the Bellingham School District.

Author Renee Watson will be visiting Sunnyland on Nov. 23 from 3-4:30 during an all school talent show and author event. Contact Mrs. Ackerson for more information! katy.ackerson@bellinghamschools.org

Want to get ahold of Renee Watson’s books? If you purchase from Village books, your book will include a signed nameplate! This event is sponsored by Village Books. You can place an order here and your books can be delivered directly to Sunnyland for no extra charge.

Chapters 1-2

Chapters 3-4

Chapter 5

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Chapters 18-19

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