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Mission and Vision

Welcome to Sunnyland Elementary School.  Our diverse Sunnyland community works together towards the common goal of student success. We believe that each child is unique. We aim to help each child realize his or her full potential in becoming productive, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


Sunnyland Elementary is a learning community of adults and children from all over the world. Although we have many cultures and languages at Sunnyland, we share one main goal. We seek to provide a quality education in a safe environment that focuses on cultivating positive relationships, establishing meaningful relevancy and teaching with challenging rigor. The Sunnyland community believes in educating the whole child in our efforts to enable every child to be ready for college, career and citizenship.
The original Sunnyland building was built in 1926 for $29,000. The earliest portion of the current Sunnyland was built in 1954 adjacent to the 1926 building. The 1926 building closed in 1976 for safety reasons and eventually was demolished.


Emergency and Safety Info

Keeping our students and staff safe at school is a top priority. Bellingham Public Schools coordinates with all local emergency responders to ensure our procedures and plans for fire, earthquake, lockdowns and other drills are current and reflect best practices for student safety.

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