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Laura Ingalls Wilder Site


Maps4Kids– maps, games, and other information about geography

Google Earth

Washington State

Wikipedia State Symbols– List of the latest Washington State symbols

Washington State Tourism: Things to do and see

Washington State Parks: Park Information includes a list of parks and features

History Link: The Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History

Washington Regions: brief descriptions

National Geographic Kids Explore Washington

Things to Do when visiting Washington



Zoom Explorers : Ancient and modern day explorers including astronauts.

Lists of Explorer sites-Kidscolor site

All About Explorers

United States

United States : Facts, map and state symbols for the 50 states, with links to related quizzes and printouts.

50 States : Facts and maps for all the states

American History

Timelines : Famous people and events in our history

The Presidents of U. S. biographies


CNN Electoral Map Calculator

Ben’s Guide to the US Government

Social Studies for Kids: How the President is Elected

Social Studies for Kids: The Electoral College

Electoral Votes by State

Scholastic: What is Voting?

Significant Presidential Elections in History

PBS “Meet the President”